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Our Services

Everyone that visits our shop can find a rich assortment of high class jewellery, as well as professional service and advice not only choosing jewellery for yourself but trying to find a perfect present for your loved one too.
We provide an opportunity to get a gift card as well

We offer you an opportunity to get wedding rings you have always been dreaming of – if we won’t have them in stock – we will make them for you!


We buy jewellery made of gold and silver, gold coins and other products of precious metals, as well as we provide a short-term loan by mortgaging them.


We offer a thoroughly selected collection of wedding rings which is exclusive by its practicality and longevity. A wedding ring is love and reliance symbol, that you will wear the rest of your life. Thus, it is vital to choose comfortable and practical wedding rings, as well as beautiful ones.


We fix and renew gold & silver jewellery, produce and engrave wedding rings, we accept orders for the production of necklaces and bracelets.


We provide a wide range of jewellery that best meet your expectations. It is a great gift for you or your loved ones and a good investment for the future. We recommend purchasing a gift voucher for individual needs.

About Us

A. J. Bučinsko individual enterprise started it's business at 2002. Since the very beginning business successfully deals with activities related to precious metals: precious metal jewellery and precious stones retail, precious stones, jewellery and gold scrap buying up, precious metal jewellery repair and making, trade of investment gold, pawn shop service. Our staff are professionals- they know their job very well because of 20 years experience.

At the moment company owns 2 shops that are placed the centre of Marijampolė (Kauno st. 29 and Bažnyčios st. 15), and prepares to open a new one that is found in Basanavičiaus square. You can find a big variety of red, yellow and white gold jewellery, engagement rings and wedding rings, golden coins, investment gold, jewellery with diamonds (presented along with certificates), other precious stones or semi-precious stones, pearls, amber and silver jewellery. We can offer professional jeweler and engraver service - these reliable professionals can fix your jewellery, renew it and everything else that is needed to make your jewellery look like new everyday. We can offer pawn shop service as well.

We believe that high quality of items we sell, professional service and honest advice is the way to every client's heart. Our aim is to do EVERYTHING that the jewellery you get from us is impeccable. We seek our every client to be satisfied with the item they get - that is why we appreciate every request and suggestion from our client, we give advice how to choose an item that is ideally meet your needs or at least is the closest option to what client wants. We always try to serve in a way that everyone that visited us would get the best impression and come back again and again.

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